About us

Concentriac is a small but well-established IT consulting and project management business. Thanks to our depth of experience, we combine specialist skills with technical know-how to provide a full suite of services for a wide range of clients mostly working in finances.

Committed to quality

Complex projects require intelligent solutions — which we elaborate in close cooperation with our clients.

We strive to exchange our knowledge with our clients in order to develop and grow both their and our own expertise. Rather than merely delivering ready-made solutions, we ensure that our clients will be able to continue working with what we have designed for them.

It is our aim to create a lasting and solid basis of trust and competence: In an approach fine-tuned to our clients' individual needs, we adapt to their local characteristics and involve their staff in our processes without interfering with their day-to-day business. This close-knit cooperation allows us to obtain a global overview and at the same time bring internal and external interests in line.