Job openings

Our consultants' tasks include:

  • on-site projects with clients working in the financial sector to introduce new or adapt existing IT solutions (especially trading systems)
  • on-site IT support and monitoring of productive systems
  • application development both for clients (on-site) and for concentriac
  • a share in our strategic business development

Our consultants' ideal profile:

Whether you're an experienced information systems specialist, a maths, business administration, humanities or social sciences graduate or maybe even a university drop-out with a keen sense of how to get things done — for us, your background is interesting but not necessarily decisive. What you should however have is a certain degree of IT dexterity and at least one of the following:

  • a passion for technology,
  • practical experience in creative thinking relating to processes and structures,
  • a solid background in finances.

However many of the above you can identify with, we count on your expertise and passion. If you have a frank and open mindset with a high degree of flexibility both mentally and in terms of mobility, if you enjoy travelling and dealing with a large variety of tasks and responsibilities, then you might just be a perfect match for our team.

As consultants, whenever we meet our clients, our signature trademark should consist not only of our expertise but also of good manners and excellent communication skills: A professional impression is crucial for any future recommendation.

English language proficiency is an advantage.